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When we started our 1st website back in 2004 we like many others had to learn the hardway that there’s way more work involved in getting your website to get noticed.

Sure, many links to your site help but it can’t just be any kind of link and you need to use the correct anchor text and not always link to your home page.

One of the things we also noticed of course was the expense of online advertising, PPC and image ads etc just were not bringing the results we seek and certainly did not break even of the prices we paid.

We opened our business in a small town just outside of Austin, Texas with about 600 local businesses most were members of the local Chamber of Commerce. Those businesses paid 100’s of dollars to be a member and most wanted a listing in their directory.

That’s when it hit me, why not help promote the local businesses and provide affordable web solutions. It worked, matter of fact it worked so good we expanded from 1 town to the entire State of Texas!

You can check out our 1st directory here as it also has a new name Local Texas Business and if your business is located within Texas you can join but not outside of Texas.

We’ve had such a great result and #1 on search engines for our name that businesses outside of Texas wanted to join.

So, we created Local City Business and happy to say we’ve officially launched the directory today on May 1, 2020 as planned. As both of the directories are not the same and to keep each unique we’ve also created different options to advertise your business which you can check out on our prices page.

We’re a group of webmasters, coders, programmers and overall we can develop just about anything you need. Make sure to contact us via our web development site for a free quote.

During these ever changing times we offer our services to you at affordable rates and you can check out our TrustPilot for reviews. We’re here for the duration, we’ve been providing our services since 2004.

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